Friday, April 29, 2011


Yvette had her 3rd litter of puppies for CCI today!! 7 total puppies... 4 yellow (2 boys, 2 girls) and 3 black (2 boys, 1 girl). We whelped the puppies this time at our house and it was such a neat experience.  The kids both were able to see the puppies being born, which was pretty cool. I was a little scared it would freak them out & might bring on a round of questions that I wasn't ready to answer-- but so far so good!! Savannah watched all of it and only got grossed out with the last puppy, which came out fully in its sack and I had to break it open.  Yvette is such a good mommy and doing great!

The day before...

One tired Mama!!

This little guy escaped from his momma and siblings to keep warm under the heating pad

All fast asleep

Just a few hours old-- could they be any cuter??!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Day

 We had a great Easter this year... we stayed home, enjoyed a nice quiet weekend & were able to spend Easter day with most of the Israels. The kids both had a blast with all the different traditions---I think this was the first year Dylan really got it :-) Here are some pictures from the day...

Ready for the egg hunt...

Easter Baskets

Hunting for eggs

"I found a BIG one!!"

Look what I found!

Savannah LOVES her American Girl dog she got in her Easter Basket

Dylan LOVES his Diego underwear :)

Watching their new movie, Tangled,  that the Easter Bunny left for them

Dylan had a blast dying eggs

Frowning about something-- no idea what, but it was such a cute picture!

I tried my best to get a good picture of both kids together...


the best I got...

was this one!!

pretty girl

Dylan and Yvette

Dylan and Hailey

Dylan & TJ  goofing off outside

Savannah in her new swimsuit

Some quiet time with Daddy

The Egg Roll! An Israel tradition, that my kids LOVE!!! Everyone starts with 6 eggs and rolls one down into "the field". Then you all take turns rolling an egg and the object is too hit the other eggs in the field. You get to take every egg you hit, plus the one you rolled. The person with the most eggs wins...

Dylan rolling

Savannah rolling...

Savannah and all the eggs she won

Easter Dinner-- I conquered leg of lamb!!

Cupcakes-- YUM!!!

Savannah & TJ--- Savannah shamelessly flirted with TJ all day :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Favorite Fella' Dance

I am sitting in a peacefully quiet house right now-- virtually all alone.... ahhh SOOOO nice :-) Dylan is fast asleep and Mitch & Savannah are off on a "date" to the Girl Scouts' Favorite Fella' Dance!! This year's theme was the Sixties and Savannah was so excited for the special night with her Daddy. They went out for Thai food, then off to the dance. I have received multiple texts and I think they are both enjoying themselves-- I can't wait to hear about it when they get home!

All ready to go in her 60's attire

Dylan wanted to take a picture with Sissy so badly-- of course when I have them all dressed cute and try to get pictures of the two of them together neither will cooperate!

Waiting for Daddy

My "Flower Child"

Handsome Boy!

Daddy brought his "date" tulips-- her favorite flower. As they were leaving she looked
 at me and said, "Mom, can you please put these in some water and put them in my room?"


A LONG Overdue Update...

It has been a REALLY LONG time since I have updated the blog... life has just been busy-- good, but busy! Here are some pictures of what we have been up to the last few months... and I will try & update more regularly for the 5 people the read our blog :-)

Dylan visited the dentist in the last few months-- the kid LOVES the dentist. He started visiting the dentist earlier than most kids due to a fall that injured his front tooth, which has actually been great because he has no fear of going now. It also helps that Auntie works for an oral care company & provides my kids with an endless supply of toothbrushes & other goodies :-)

 In late February, Dylan woke up one morning screaming that he couldn't walk-- and he literally wouldn't move! Which for anyone who has ever been around Dylan, knows that is quite bizarre. We spent a couple of days in the doctor's office/hospital ruling out various conditions. Mitch was in NY and it was a bit scary, but thankfully Dylan is okay and they think it was just a viral infection that caused his hip & knee joints to get severely inflamed.

On March 12, Savannah's elementary school had their annual fundraiser-- The Red & White Affair at Silverado Vineyards. I chaired the non-wine donation and the event was a huge success, raising $91,000!! Mitch's parents, sister & brother-in-law were all able to come help support Yountville Elementary-- here is a picture of us all enjoying the night.

Savannah had "Crazy Hair Day" at school in March...

Dylan got a new pair of Vans-- which he is SO excited about, for a few reasons. #1-- Daddy has the same pair, which is super cool. #2-- he can put them on all by himself, which he is pretty darn proud of. We found him the other night sleeping like this ;-)

Dylan & Gianna are becoming good buddies. Gianna has been spending Mondays over at our house with Dylan and Melissa (our wonderful nanny) & she recently got to have a sleepover too! She is the sweetest little girl and the kids love having her over-- cousins are so fun!!

Savannah discovered rock climbing! One of her friends had a birthday party at a local rock climbing spot here in Napa recently. Savannah was really hesitate to try it, but once she got up there we couldn't get her down-- not even for birthday cake!!!

Both kids started taking gymnastics on Saturday mornings. Savannah LOVES it-- although she is not the most graceful creature. The poor girl is just so darn lanky and hasn't quite figured out how to make her long limbs work  in unison. Of course she has no clue how awkward she often looks & gives it her all with a big smile :-) Dylan is also enjoying gymnastics. The first few classes were a bit rough & he had a hard time sitting with his class, but he has gotten so much better AND it is such a good way for him to burn off some of the endless energy he has!!