Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SNOW Much Fun!

We spent last weekend up in Lake Tahoe. It was both Dylan's & Yvette's 1st time in the snow-- and I think they liked it equally as much! We pretty much spent the weekend playing in the snow & sledding-- really just enjoying some good quality family time! Here are some pictures from our fun weekend...

Building our snowman

Daddy, Dylan, Savannah & our snowman

Savannah making snow angels

Dylan enjoying his FIRST time in the snow

Of course he had to taste it!

Going up the hill to sled... with Yvette. 
She LOVED the snow and chased the kids all over!

On your mark. Get set...

Dylan & Mommy

Taking a break at the tubing hill

Ready to go tubing!

At the end of a long day in the cold snow, all Dylan wanted
was a hot bath and a drink of "Daddy's jupe"

Soccer Stars

We started soccer  2 weekends ago-- even Dylan gets to play this year! It is a pretty informal program through the parks & rec department, but the kids have fun. Dylan loves the idea of kicking the ball, but about half way through the class he would much rather go play in the park!

Savannah is definitely more into it. I think it may have to do with the fact that we got to go shopping for shin guards and cleats-- both of which are pink :)  Once again... she is the only girl! But she doesn't mind one bit since her best buddy Joey is in her class!

The 5th Wiggle...

"Big Red Car"

"Rock-a-bye Your Bear"