Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lots of Updates....

We have had a busy week.... lots of fun pics & other things to share-- or maybe I am just in blogging mood?! Either way, lots of updates below-- enjoy!

Dylan in the Shark Tank...

The sharks were the first "attraction" we went to see at Discovery Kingdom. Dylan was pretty excited to see some real "feesh"...

Dylan & the Walrus'

This was the 1st time we have been to Discovery Kingdom with Dylan that he has really been big enough to take part in the activities.... and let me tell you, he LOVED it! All of it- the rides, the water, the food & ESPECIALLY the walrus'. I think he would have hung out all day checking them out.... pretty darn cute!

Discovery Kingdom

We took the kids to Discovery Kingdom for the first time this year. We went with our friends, the DeNatales, and everyone had a really good time with just a few meltdowns :)

Savannah & Joey petting the stingrays

The Daddies did a good job throwing darts & won
Dora & Diego for Savannah & Joey

Getting ready to ride Thomas the Train

Checking out the Walrus'

Dylan & Mommy getting ready to go on a ride

Some more pics from the weekend...

Dylan & Gianna-- Buddies :)

Dylan being a boy-- I guess?!

Savannah's very 1st Smores--YUMMY! She finished it and said, 
"Mom, can I have like six more?"

Running around at Oody & Great-Grandad's

Dylan & Papa having fun


So Mitch & I are quite competitive with each other when it comes to games--- like REALLY competitive. So much so, that sometimes my normally very trustworthy & honest husband resorts to cheating! We often have heated debates over this because he vehemently denies any such notion... but his weekend his dear grandmother (we love you Poppy!) confirmed that he does indeed have a LONG history of cheating. See for yourself...

A visit to Nipomo

We spent Memorial Day down in Nipomo at Pommy & Papa's house. Great-Grandma Poppy & Great-Grandpa Jack came from Yuma to visit, so all the troops piled into Pommy & Papa's house for the weekend. We had a great weekend spending time with everyone & the kids had a blast running all over...
Dylan playing with Poppy & Jack--they haven't seen him since July 2008, so they were quite surprised to see the little boy he has turned into

Dylan LOVES the dogs & even tried to go for a ride on both of them a couple of times

Savannah playing with Poppy

Savannah & Gianna

Dylan cruisin' on the ride home

Dancing Queen

This pretty much speaks for itself...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday Girl

Savannah's actual 4th Birthday was on May 7.  Savannah had a whole day of special activities planned to spend her special day.We went and had her her braided at Pig Tails n' Crewcuts, went to lunch at one of her favorite restaurants here in Napa, got her toe nails & finger nails painted AND made & decorated her very own birthday cake...


We finished off the day with a birthday dinner of chinese food (yep, Savannah's favorite!) with Pommy & Papa (Mitch's parents- who came to watch the kids while Mitch & I escaped to Vegas on Friday morning for 2 nights to see Dave Matthews).  And of course, birthday cake...

Happy Birthday Peanut! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mother's Day Tea

Today Savannah's preschool class had a Mother's Day Tea! They greeted us in their class room & presented us all with an array of handmade gifts, including a beautiful heart broach (which I have been instructed to ALWAYS wear--don't worry I only took it off to take a picture!), a lovely frame & a bag of hershey kisses :)

We were then escorted into the other room where the kids entertained us with their vocal stylings-- with the exception of my daughter who apparently decided the singing was too loud for her...

After the entertainment we sat and enjoyed some cookies & punch. The whole program was very cute & all the kids were so visibly proud of themselves...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Monday, May 04, 2009

Savannah's 4th Birthday Party

Savannah celebrated her 4th birthday party on Sunday with a Miami Dolphins football party... YES it was all her idea, not Daddy's (although Mitch was beyond thrilled!!) We had originally planned to have the party at the park-- but it was raining, so we moved it to the house & transformed the garage into what Mitch referred to as "a poorly decorated frat party" :) All the kids had fun, but poor Savannah started feeling a little under the weather in the middle of the party & tossed her cookies before it was over :( Thankfully enough she made it to the bathroom & didn't turn the garage into a real frat party!!! The pictures are all right below in a slideshow...


Dylan LOVES goldfish!! Whenever he walks in the kitchen he immediately starts asking for "Feesh". Heaven help us if the pantry is left open-- this is what we find!