Wednesday, June 20, 2007


June 11- Here is a shot of Savannah passed out in her stroller after a very busy morning at Disney Land-- with her new Pooh stuffed animal & wallet that Gigi bought her, which she would not let out of her sight for the better part of the week.

"I Need Ride Neigh-Neigh"

June 11- Savannah asked all day to ride the carousel while we were at Disney Land-- "I need ride neigh-neigh". As you can see, she was very happy when she finally got her turn!

Small World

June 11- Here is a picture of Savannah and Daddy as they are just about to enter Small World. As you can see, Savannah is VERY excited!

Disney Land

June 11- During our visit to Orange County we went to Disney Land with Gigi. Savannah had a great time and will happily tell you that Pirates of the Caribbean was her favorite ride and that she will wait her turn if she can go on more rides :)

Playing with Uncle Kelly

Savannah & Papa

June 10- Here are some cute picture of Savannah with Papa John. They had lots of fun blowing bubbles and dancing!

At the Beach

June 10- We recently went down to Orange County to visit Kandice's family. During our visit we spent an afternoon at the beach with Uncle Kelly & Kody. Savannah had a blast playing with her cousin at the beach!