Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow Much Fun!

We are up in Tahoe this weekend enjoying the snow & sunny weather. The kids are having fun playing in the snow, watching movies & being lazy (Mommy & Daddy too!). Here are some pictures from our adventures...
I am the king (or queen) of the world!!!

Playing in the snow!

Dylan is not really sure what to think. He doesn't remember the snow
last year & he is not too sure about it this time around.

Being silly!

The kids LOVE the giant jacuzzi tub in the house we stay at

Patiently waiting to go sledding 
Nice to see that Dylan listens :)

Hitching a ride up the hill for the 1st sled run...

Such a GOOD Daddy!

Life is good!

Dylan was not a fan of sledding-- one run & he was done!

Checking out the little stream-- Savannah was
very concerned Dylan might fall in :)

Don't mess with me

Daddy & Savannah


Being silly

Savannah's 1st run by herself

So proud of herself :)

Chillin' back at the house with a little snack

More sledding back at the house

Snow dog

Mommy & Savannah

Happy 3rd Birthday Dylan!

Dylan turned 3 on January 10 and celebrated with a Star Wars themed birthday party-- much to Daddy's delight! He is growing into a very sweet, clever & mischievous little boy--- quite the package :) He definitely keep us on our toes, but we wouldn't trade a moment of it! My "baby" is definitely growing up and all the signs of infancy are quickly disappearing from our house.  Yes, that does make me sad to some degree-- but more than anything I look forward to all the fun times ahead :) We love you Dylan Mitchell!!!
Time for the pinata!

Batter up!

Cake time

Happy Birthday to you...

Make a wish

Beautiful Bella!


Fork-- who needs a fork??

Mommy & Savannah

Cool Favors


Opening presents with TJ

Matteo helping Dylan open presents

Playing with his FAVORITE present-- Diesel & the
Troublesome Trucks!
Thanks Joey & Bella!

Christmas 2010

Dylan passed out right before Christmas dinner...

...naked of course!

Savannah all dressed up for Christmas dinner 
Dinner :)

Christmas Crowns-- a family tradition :)

Getting ready for Santa to visit!

Why can't I eat the cookies???

Santa visits!

Christmas Morning

One happy little girl

Checking out the new Thomas scooter

My little Bruin!

Best Buddies