Thursday, August 23, 2007

Piano Lessons

August 23- This afternoon we discovered Savannah in her toy room showing both Minnie & Marie (her kittie from the Aristocats) how to play her electronic keyboard. It was pretty cute!

Off to School!

August 23- Today was Savannah's first day of pre-school. She was so excited to go and didn't care one bit when Mommy & Daddy left. Here is a picture of her all ready to go, with her Minnie Mouse doll (her latest obession).

Goggle Girl

August 22- Savannah is all ready to go for a swim in her bathtub!

Reading to her Babies

July 21- Here is a cute shot of Savannah reading her Dora pillow book to her babies so they could go night-night. She is wearing a hat that her Pommy & Papa got her from Savannah, Georgia. She calls it her "cowboy hat" and will wear it for days at a time!