Monday, February 16, 2009

Dylan is officially a "walker"...


Stanley Park

On the ferry to Victoria

In Victoria with the Empress Hotel in the Back

Mitch & I escaped to Vancouver for a long weekend away-- thanks Gigi for watching the kids! The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed all that British Columbia has to offer. It was my 1st trip to Canada, but Mitch spent many summers there as a kid with his grandparents. It was so fun to visit Vancouver & Victoria with Mitch and revisit so many of his great memories growing up. As nice as it is to get away and enjoy some lazy mornings & adult conversations, we laugh at how we inevitably end up talking about the kids & spending oodles of money on souvenirs for them :) There is nothing better than coming home to their smiling faces & sticky kisses!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dylan & Daddy Part II

We finally got the last two pictures of Dylan & Mitch that we had taken back in September. We had them stretched over canvas so it took a bit longer, but they turned out beautifully!! I couldn't resist sharing-- I know Dylan is going to hate me one day for one of the pictures (I am sure you can guess which one) but it is my absolute favorite!!

Working on the Computer...

Savannah got this really cool Fisher Price computer program for Christmas. I put it up on the garage thinking she was a little young & figured I would pull it out down the road. Of course, she has been asking for it non-stop, so last week we set it up on a rainy day. She surprised me and is so good with it-- she can turn it off/on all by herself, operate the mouse & print pictures all by herself. I can't believe how quickly she is growing up!

We're Going to Hawaii...

Savannah had a playdate last week with her best buddy (and sometimes boyfriend depending on her mood) Joey.  When I went upstairs to  check on the them, I found them dressed like this and they quickly informed me they were "Going to Hawaii!!". Too funny!

Monday, February 02, 2009


Dylan is finally making some progress walking. Over the weekend he took multiple steps on a few different occasions. He still prefers to crawl- it is just quicker & easier! But he is spending more & more time on his two little feet and I am sure by next week he will be running around the house.

Playing at the Park

Happy Birthday Colleen!

We spent this last weekend up in Granite Bay celebrating Colleen's birthday & watching the Super Bowl. We had a great time out on Saturday night celebrating while Hailey watched the kiddos. Sunday we relaxed and watched the big game. We are so lucky to have the Israel's in our lives & always have such a good time with them... We love you guys!