Friday, March 28, 2008

Big Smiles

March 28- Here's a cute picture of Dylan playing with Daddy.

The Wiggles

March 27- At the ripe old age of nearly 3... Savannah will tell you all of her dreams have come true! We took her to see The Wiggles Live in concert. She was so thrilled to see all the guys and their wiggly friends up close & personal. Mitch & I had just as much fun sharing in her excitement.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Israel Boys

One of the many great benefits (aside from spending time with everyone) of going to the Israel's house is that there is never a shortage of hands to help out with Savannah & Dylan. Savannah pretty much monopolizes Hailey's time, so Dylan gets to spend some quality time with the boys. This last visit TJ taught him how to do squats & bench press the T.V. remote, he took a nice nap with Stephen while watching T.V. & chilled around the house with Travis.

Auntie Colleen & Dylan

March 23- Here is picture of Dylan snuggling with Auntie Colleen.

The Egg Roll

March 23-Another fun Israel Easter tradition we all got to experience this year was the egg roll. The object is to roll your egg down the ramp and hit as many eggs as possible. You get to keep the eggs you hit and the person who has the most eggs wins. Here is a shot of Savannah (who won 3rd place & $5 with the help of Daddy) rolling her egg.

Easter at the Israel's

March 23- This year we spent Easter up in Granite Bay with the Israels. Here is a shot of most of the clan (minus TJ & Ryan) dying Easter Eggs. Savannah had a great time and experienced a whole new type of Easter Egg hunt on Easter morning. The Easter bunny puts twenty, ten and five dollar bills in the eggs at the Israel's house and it gets quite competitive-- to say the least! Within thirty seconds of the egg hunt starting couches were overturned and pillows where flying. I would have included a picture, but I was too scared trying to protect myself and children from the debris flying around to take one :)


March 22- Here is a cute picture of Savannah and Daddy settling down with some stories at bedtime in the cabin.

The "Jatuzzi"

March 22- Savannah was really excited the cabin we stayed at had a "jatuzzi" to swim in. She had a great time coming in from the snow and taking a dip to warm up.

Here Kitty, Kitty!

March 21- We took Savannah to Circus, Circus during our trip to Tahoe and she was very excited to get her face painted like a kitty cat. The paint stayed on for a good two days, but this morning she asked me where her kitty face went.

My Little Snow Angel

March 21-Always the little trooper, we bundled Dylan up and dragged him along to the sledding hill. He checked it all out for about 10 minutes, then happily fell asleep.

Daddy's Girl

March 21- Savannah took a quick break from throwing snow at Daddy to give a quick hug and a big smile.

Snowball Fights

March 21- Savannah found it very humorous to throw snow at Daddy-- it was about the only way we could willingly get her off the sledding hill.

Hot Cocoa

March 21- One of Savannah's favorite parts of going to the snow was drinking hot cocoa. She was especially excited to see the cocoa had a large helping of whipped cream and thoroughly enjoyed licking it all up!


March 21- Here are Daddy & Savannah charging down the sledding hill. Of course Savannah (always the dare devil) absolutely loved sledding-- the faster the better!

Ready for the Snow

March 21- We rented a cabin and took the kids to Tahoe for the weekend. Savannah has been asking to go to the snow for months now and was so excited to finally get there!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pommy & the Kids

March 16- Here is a picture of Pommy with both the kids. She looks like I do most of the day-- holding Dylan, with Savannah hanging on my leg :)

Papa Dell

March 16- Here is a picture of Dylan watching golf with his papa.

Hanging with Daddy

March 14- Daddy and Dylan got to spend some good quality time together in Grand Cayman (Savannah was spoiled at home with Pommy & Papa for the week). Here is a picture of Dylan and Daddy hanging out by the pool.

Splashin' Around

March 13- Here's Dylan during his first trip in the pool. Just like his sister and DAD... Dylan LOVES the water!

Catching Some Rays

March 13- Check out the chubby guy in the bathing suit :)

Chillin' Dylan

March 12- Here is picture of Dylan on the beach in Grand Cayman. He loved the warm weather and slept most of the trip!


2 months

March 10- Dylan celebrated his 2 month birthday with a trip to Grand Cayman! Daddy had a work trip so Dylan and I tagged along. He was a GREAT traveler! Here he is playing with Daddy on the airplane. At 2 months, he weighs 12lbs and is 23 1/2 inches long!

Flying High

Pommy & Papa flew up to meet Dylan and spend some time with Savannah. Here is Savannah checking out their plane and saying good-bye.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Savannah & Papa John

Guitar Hero

March 3- Mitch got a Wii for Christmas and has since developed a new obsession... Guitar Hero. Savannah thinks it is really fun to watch Daddy play and will occasionally grab her key-tar to play along. Pretty Cute!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Having Fun!

February 28- Here is a cute picture of Savannah having a good time with her Auntie & Uncle. She was so excited to have some visitors at her house.

The Little Chef

February 28- While Uncle Kevin was here he cooked us a wonderful meal with the help of his little sous chef Savannah. As you can see she had a great time helping Uncle Kevin in the kitchen.

Uncle Kevin

February 28- Uncle Kevin & Auntie KK came to vist and meet Dylan this week. We have all been trying to figure out who Dylan looks like-- from this picture he may look like Uncle Kevin the most!