Monday, July 25, 2011

Vacation/Summer Update

We returned last week from another WONDERFUL week at Lawrence Welk in Escondido. It is not exotic or particularly fancy, but we absolutely love it there! We went to Legoland, a Padres game and had some visits from friends and family.  The rest of the time we played at the pool and enjoyed some quiet family time without any interruptions from work--ahhh, so nice! Here are some pictures from our trip...
Dylan & Daddy
Sibling Love

our water rat

Takin' a break

Waiting for the water to drop

Watering the golf course... boys will be boys, right??!

Silly Dylan

Dylan & Coco

Sweet Savannah

Daddy & Savannah

Go Padres

one day Dylan will let us get a good family picture!

Mommy & Savannah

watching the game

Mommy & Dylan

Hit over here!

Savannah's 1st Shirley Temple

Dylan sharing a treat with his new friend Audrey

The Davis & The Walters kiddos!
Savannah posing with the Lego people

Following Sissy's lead

Savannah & Daddy on the Safari Ride

Dylan "driving"

Mommy & Dylan

In the lion's mouth

Again, following Sissy's lead :-)

Riding the train

One happy boy

Dylan earning his driver's license

Savannah earning her license

There was a huge display of Star Wars figures built out of Legos. Dylan was beside himself!!

Silly kids!

Savannah & Chewy

Checking out the Star Wars village with Daddy

The aquarium

"Inside" the aquarium
Summer has been speeding by! Savannah starts school in 3 weeks-- crazy!! I am starting to realize that this next year is going to be quite busy... Dylan is going back to preschool in September, I have a new job, I am chairing the annual fundraiser for Savannah's school, co-leading Savannah's girl scout troop & serving on the PTA board at secretary. YIKES!! Wish me luck!  And I just had to share this picture of Dylan on the 4th of July-- it makes me smile every time I look at it :-)