Sunday, June 28, 2009

Savannah's Dance Recital

Savannah had her dance recital today. She has been in a tap/ballet combo since last August and today was their big chance to show their stuff. The whole class did a great job and were just adorable. See for yourself...

Here is the 1st part of the dance...

And the 2nd half...

After the show Savannah said, "Mommy, I am really proud of myself" :) Can't you tell by looking at her?!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My New Screen door!

I have been wanting a screen door since we moved in to our house almost 5 years ago.... I finally got Mitch to install one today & I LOVE it!!!!

Dylan on the other hand is EXTREMELY frustrated by the new apparatus that is keeping him from getting out front--- he doesn't quite understand why he can see the front yard, but can't get out there :)


Playing in the Vineyards

On Saturday we went to a release party at one of the wineries that Mitch works on. The kids had a great time running around and listening to the music, while Mommy & Daddy enjoyed some wine :) Of course the scenery was beautiful & I couldn't miss the opportunity to snap some pics of the kids in the vineyards.

Dylan really wanted to enjoy some wine too... or at least pretend too!

So sweet when they are playing and laughing together!

I love this picture

My sweet girl!

He was determined to play in the dirt!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

What??? Oh, I forgot I am not allowed to play on your computer...

Train Town

We took the kids to Train Town on Sunday morning. Dylan was beside himself with all the animals & the "choo-choos". Like most little boys, Dylan is definitely discovering his love for trains! Savannah had fun going on the rides & showing her little brother all Train Town has to offer.

Dylan feeding the goats-- he also tried to kiss them multiple times! I know yuck, but what do you do?? Lots of hand sanitizer!!!

Savannah riding the carousel

Dylan was completely focused on taking in everything while we rode the train.

The whole family getting ready for a train ride