Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Bathtime Fun

Dylan has discovered the shower and absolutely LOVES it! The other morning Mitch turned the shower on and left the door open. Before we knew it Dylan had crawled right in-- PJ's and all! Whenever he hears the shower turn on, he immediately stops what he is doing and b-lines to the bathroom, where he bangs on the door until we let him in or get out. Here are some pics of him enjoying himself...
Here are some cute pictures of Savannah wearing mommy's towel and wrapping her hair up "just like momma's"...

Tag Tails

October 18- Savannah got this really cool game called "Tag Tails" for her 3rd birthday from Pommy & Papa. There are 4 different animal tails, every player wears one tail and then you play tag by pulling the other player's tails off (they detach really easily). It is a fun game that encourages imagination & physical activity. Anyway... I found Dylan wondering the house last night like this, apparently Savannah wanted to play tag with him.

Friday, October 10, 2008

9 months

October 10- Today Dylan is 9 months old! He weighs about 23 lbs, has 6 teeth and just learned how to wave. He has also become quite the little chatterbox and is constantly babbling. His first unofficial word (because he has no idea what he is saying) was "Mama". He crawls around the house saying "ma ma ma ma ma". Although I know he has no clue that I am Mama, it still warms my heart to hear him say it :)

Monday, October 06, 2008

Savannah's Baby... Oh, I Mean Brother

There is a not a day that goes by that Savannah doesn't try to convince us that Dylan was put on this earth for the sole purpose of entertaining her as her own little baby doll-- at her convenience of course. Tonight she successfully coaxed us in to letting her take Dylan for a spin in her baby stroller. Of course Dylan was a good sport and giggled most of the time, even though he hardly fit in the stroller.

My Sweet Little Boy

These pictures capture Dylan's sweet nature so well that I couldn't resist sharing :) He is a happy, easy going baby with the most infectious giggle I've ever heard.

Girl Time

October 4- Savannah is very in to having "girl time", which basically entails her and I running errands, grocery shopping or doing anything with just the two of us. She is growing up so quickly and becoming quite girly. She changes her clothes about 4 times a day (on average), absolutely loves to wear my high heels(she can walk better than me in them) and carry my purses, and is always begging to have her nails painted or make-up put on her face. Although she is quite stubborn at times, she is so much fun and is constantly making us laugh.