Thursday, June 09, 2011

Disney Brunch

 Last weekend Savannah got to attend an amazing Disney Brunch put on by all the teacher's at her school. The teachers donated the brunch for the school fundraiser and a handful of parents all went in together and bought it during the live auction. It was absolutely wonderful and the teachers completely out did themselves... just another testament to the fabulous school we get to attend!!

The beautiful table

Savannah's place setting

Mickey Mouse pancakes-- of course!

Minnie Mouse muffins

Disney fruit cups

Cinderella and her Fairy God Mother (AKA Mrs. Hall)

The Fairy God Mother and all her Cinderellas

Savannah playing charades. I think she was acting out The Little Mermaid

Marcy, Helen, Katie & Me--- some kinder moms!

Breakfast Time!

Hokey Pokey

Pulling the pinata

Jessie (AKA Mrs. Floyd) playing Disney Go Fish with some of the kids

The wonderful teaching faculty at Yountville Elementary
L to R Mrs. Meno- 5th Grade (Daisy), Mrs. Williams- Principal (Lilo), Mr. Elias- 4th Grade (Captain Hook), Mrs. Ferraria- 3rd grade (Minnie), Mrs. Hall- 2nd Grade (Fairy God Mother), Mrs. Bower- 1st grade (Tigger), Mrs. Floyd- Kinder (Jessie)
Mrs. Floyd with all her kinder girls!

10 months Later....

Kindergarten Promotion

Yesterday was Savannah's kindergarten promotion. I can't believe my baby has completed kindergarten and will be a 1st grader! The year flew by and Savannah really enjoyed her first year in elementary school. We are so thankful to have landed at such an amazing elementary school and even more thankful for her WONDERFUL kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Floyd! We are all looking forward to the next few years at Yountville Elementary school-- well it will be more than a few given Dylan has a few years until he even starts-- but I am sure it will all fly by just as quickly as this first year did!

Our invitation to Kindergarten Promotion-- love that Savannah thinks she has such big luscious lips :-)
All ready to go...
Ava Luna, Claire, Savannah

Claire, Savannah, Kevin, Liam & Lily

Saying the "Pledge of Allegiance" in sign language

I LOVE their handmade graduation caps!

Checking out her "diploma"

Mrs. Floyd putting all of her gold slips (earned for good behavior) around her neck

Mrs. Williams (principal) handing Savannah her diploma

Doing a silly dance-- the little boy on the left sat with his hands in his pockets just like that for the ENTIRE performance. Priceless!!

Counting her gold slips!

Mommy & Daddy with their big 1st grader

Proud Graduate!!!

Savannah & Willy

Savannah & Mrs. Floyd

Playing with some of her buddies

Being  silly with Hailey

The beautiful piece of art work the class made for me as a thank you for helping