Sunday, October 09, 2011


We recently took a short trip down to Orange County to see the Coye family AND make a quick visit to Disneyland. It was Dylan's first plane ride and it is hard to say whether he was more excited about that or going to Disneyland. I was not a very good photographer, but we had a great trip. The kids were super brave and went on ALL the big rides-- Thunder Mountain (which Savannah ended up shutting down for a good portion of the afternoon-- but that is a whole other story. Those interested can inquire within), Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain and Star Tours! I was really surprised at how brave Dylan was. Auntie KK and Coral joined us too, which was really fun-- Savannah & Dylan love seeing their cousins! Friday we visited Gigi at work and got to see all the awesome Christmas decorations at Roger's Garden. We also took Papa John out to lunch to celebrate his birthday. Then Friday night the kid's had a sleepover at Gigi & Papa's with all their cousins while Mitch & I went out to dinner with Kevin, Karin, Kelly & Naomi. Unfortunately Saturday afternoon we had to head home. It was a short but sweet trip!
Ready to "blast off"-- he really yelled that when the plane took off!

Some love for Goofy

Waiting in line for Star Tours-- Dylan was pretty much in awe

Savannah & Coco

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Fall Fun!