Monday, September 25, 2006

Savannah & Katie

September 23- Savannah had a lot of fun playing with all the other flower girls-- there were three between 16-20 months! She especially had fun playing with Katie, who was born three days after Savannah. Here are some pictures of the cute twosome!

Las Vegas

September 23- Savannah took her 1st trip to Las Vegas this last weekend to be in Lauren & Scott's wedding-- some friends of the family. Here are some pictures of her in the pool with Daddy & Grandma Debi.

The Naked Gymnast

September 17- Savannah has now learned how to take off her clothes & diaper. She has a ton of fun running all over the house naked whenever she gets the chance. Here she is trying to do a somersault in the buck!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Toothbrush Time

Now that Savannah has several teeth she loves to brush them! When you ask her if she would like to brush her teeth, she quickly runs into the bathroom, climbs up on her step stool and waits patiently to be handed her toothbrush. She diligently brushes her teeth every morning & night-- and whenever else we will let her!

Little Picasso

September 16- Here are some pictures of Savannah while finger painting with real paint for the first time. She had a lot of fun painting the poster board AND her body!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Playing Soccer!

September 4- Savannah got her 1st soccer ball this weekend and surprised Mommy & Daddy by how well she can dribble the ball up and down the backyard-- Uncle Kevin should be proud!!! Mommy tried to get a picture of her playing with the ball, but she can't take pictures as well as Savannah can dribble, and they were all blurry. Here is a cute shot of her taking a quick break and having a snack.

The Little Giraffe

August 30- Here is a cute picture of Savannah relaxing after her shower in her cute giraffe towel that Auntie Jacquelyn & Uncle Jarrid gave her.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Napa County Fair

August 13- Savannah went to the Napa County Fair this year and enjoyed a lot of firsts. She went on her 1st carnival ride, at which she kicked & screamed when it was time to get off. She also won her 1st gold fish and decided to name it Dorothy after Elmo's goldfish. But her favorite 1st was by far the ice cream cone, which she COMPLETELY devoured-- cone and all!

The Photographer

Savannah is no stranger to the camera and most often when she see's the camera she will stop whatever she is doing and say "Cheese!" Recently, Grandma Debi was trying to take some pictures of Savannah and she reciprocated the action by trying to take a picture of Grandma Debi with an old camera. She finally decided to put her camera down and let Grandma snap a shot.

Fun in the Porta-Crib!

August 7- After many restless trips with Savannah refusing to sleep in her porta-crib, she decided she really liked it at Grandma & Grandpa Coye's house. She slept really while we were visiting, but her favorite activity was running back and forth inside the crib, then smashing her face into the side.

Ready for the Sun!

Here is a picture of Savannah all suited up and ready to go play outside in her pool with Grandma Debi!

Savannah & Her Cousins

August 6- Here are some pictures of Savannah playing with her cousins Kody & Kaylie.

Natalie & Savannah

August 7- While we were down in Orange County Savannah was able to play with her friend Natalie. Natalie is 4 months older than Savannah and her Mommy & Daddy are good friends of ours.