Friday, August 21, 2009

Life with a dog...

Well Yvette came home on Monday from Canine Companions. She was bred (successfully we think!) and is expecting her 1st litter of puppies on October 9. Things are going great-- the kids love her-- Dylan sometimes a little bit too much! I think Dylan is actually beginning to believe he is a dog too. Case in point below...

and he thinks he is OH SO FUNNY!

She is such a sweet dog & we are so excited that she has become part of our family. We truly can't thank Jacquelyn enough for letting us be a part of her life. How could you not love this pup??

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Birthday Weekend!

This last weekend I turned the big 3-2 & we celebrated with a weekend away with good friends! We ventured to the biggest little city-- AKA Reno-- and had a fabulous time with Julia, Chris, Colleen & Steve!
Mitch & Colleen

Kandice & Steve

I discovered a new favorite drink-- a very dirty martini with extra olives. YUMMY!

Chris, Julia, Kandice & Mitch

Julia & Kandice

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Girls' Weekend

Savannah and I went on our 1st "Girls' Weekend" trip this last weekend. We flew down to Southern California and spent 3 days with friends and family. We had a blast and I can't wait to take a special trip with her again. There were too many pictures to share in one post, so below is a series of posts sharing on all our adventures...

Hangin' with the Coyes

Savannah and I stayed with Auntie KK, Uncle Kevin & Coco this trip. Savannah adores Coco & cried at the airport when we went home because she "already missed Coco so really much!" It was really fun to be able to spend so much time with my brother and his family the last few days.
Savannah squeezing Coco-- probably a little too tight!

Silly Uncle Kevin & his sweet baby girl

I love Auntie KK!!

Playing at the Adventureplex

Coco LOVED the slide!

Beach Day!

A visit to Southern California wouldn't be complete with a day at the beach. Especially since Auntie KK & Uncle Kevin live a few blocks away!

Pushing Coco while Mommy & Auntie KK carry everything else!

No fear of the water!

Kody & Savannah

Beach Baby!


Learning to Boogie Board

Kody was so sweet & not only shared his boogie board with Savannah, but he also taught her how to use it. She loved it!!

Attempt #1 ended in a bit of a wipe-out...

But she got right back on that board again...

Meeting Baby Tj!

One of the reasons for our girls' weekend was to meet Amber & Jake's newest addition-- baby TJ! He is so precious & we enjoyed every minute holding him. AND if you were wondering, it totally made we want a 3rd baby even more-- much to Mitch's dismay!
Savannah was so proud that she got to hold TJ & help feed him a bottle!

She was even more excited that she got to go swimming in Auntie Amber's pool!

A Tribute to MJ...

Every night I look forward to going to tuck in Savannah one last time for lots of reasons.... she looks so peaceful & sweet, one last kiss good night, one last snuggle--but mostly because I NEVER know what I will find. The other night was no exception....
Since the untimely passing of the King of Pop, we have been playing lots of MJ around our house. Savannah loves it-- especially the dancing. Can you really blame her?? He was an AMAZING performer (if you were curious, her favorite song is "Smooth Criminal"). So the other night, I sneak in her room to check on her and find this...

At first I couldn't figure it out, then it hit me! She was totally sporting the one glove (which I have no idea where she got) as an homage to Michael Jackson--gotta love it!!