Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Pool

May 20- Savannah continues her fascination & love of WATER. This afternoon she played on her Slip 'n Slide non-stop until she got "Cold Burr" (as she says when she is cold). Then we made a mini-Jacuzzi by adding warm water to the ice tub. This was affectionately known as "My Pool!"

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Parachute Fun!

May 6- Here is one more cute picture of Savannah playing in the parachute at her party :)

Arts & Crafts with Gigi

May 6- Savannah and Kody had a great time doing arts & crafts with Gigi-- especially considering Gigi let them decorate her!

Birthday Dress

Here is a picture of Savannah showing off her pretty dress she got from Great-Grandma Oody & Great-Grandpa Del for her birthday!

Yummy, Yummy!

May 6- Enjoying her birthday cupcake!

Happy Birthday to you...

May 6- Savannah really enjoyed hearing everyone sing happy birthday to her & was ready to blow out her candle!

Happy 2nd Birthday Savannah!

May 6- Today we celebrated Savannah's 2nd birthday with a party at "The Zone". Fourteen of her little friends joined her for a very fun gymnastics birthday party. We had the whole gym to ourselves and all the toddlers had a blast running all over & playing.

Playing with Kody

May 5- Savannah's cousin Kody came up from Southern California for her birthday party. They had lots of fun playing together all weekend. Here is a picture of them playing in the playhouse.