Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet Murdoch & Sparkles

Yes it is true-- the kids talked us into getting another pet-- or pets. Although in hindsight I don't really think it took much convincing... Mitch may even have initiated the idea. The good news is that they are fairly low maintenance & the kids are really enjoying them. Plus we almost walked out of the pet store with a new adopted puppy-- a chiuaua no less!!! I figured we got off easy & I don't plan on going back to the pet store anytime soon with my husband or kids! Without further adieu....

This is Savannah's fish-- Sparkles. Savannah is thrilled because the fish (which of course is a girl according to its proud new owner) appears to have lipstick on

This is Dylan's fish, Murdoch. Yes, it is absolutely shocking he named his fish after a Thomas train.

Sparkles & Murdoch's lovely new home in all its colorful glory!

Mitch-a-Palooza 2011

We spent Labor Day weekend down on the Central Coast celebrating Mitch's birthday-- this now annual celebration is also known as Mitch-a-Palooza! We rented a house last year in Edna Valley with some great friends to celebrate the big 3-5 for Mitch. We had a fabulous time & decided to go back this year, only this time we stayed on the beach in Cayucos. We were able to come down and leave the kids with Pommy & Papa on Thursday night, then head out on Friday for a fun weekend. We rented a funky little house just steps away from the beach and had a wonderful time. We spent lots of time walking on the beach, drinking good wine & enjoying the company of fabulous friends. Plus we could sleep with the windows open and hear the ocean-- my favorite!! Can't wait for next year...

Molly & Andy joined us for the weekend

Shots of tequila to celebrate!

The birthday boy!

Andy inspired some serious MJ impersonations with his gift

Too funny

Me & my birthday boy

We went tasting on Saturday. We hardly ever go tasting at home, but LOVE to hit up the wineries on the central coast. This is at Dark Star  & Brian Benson Cellars-- our absolute favorite! The lady on the end is Susan Benson (the winemakers' wife & mother) and her dog Gracie.

One of our nightly strolls on the beack

Molly & Mitch with the annual birthday pie

Relaxing on the beach 

Beautiful sunset from our deck