Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dylan's 1st Day of Preschool

Dylan had his 1st day of preschool today-- well technically not his 1st since he went to a structured day care for a short time when he was two at the same place-- but this was his 1st day in traditional preschool class :-) He was so excited and proud to go-- if you can't tell by looking at the picture. We were able to go Friday to an open house to see his classroom and meet his teacher and he has been asking constantly since then to go back. Since Savannah goes to school, he thinks it is a pretty cool thing to be like his sissy! He had a great day and was so excited to share all the details tonight at dinner- such a big boy!!

Yvettie's "Baby"

Our babysitter Jenica rescued a 3 week old kitten this last weekend named Teddy & brought it over to the house while she was watching the kids. The kids loved it of course--- BUT Yvette loved it WAY more!!! She completely thought it was here baby and wanted to take care of it. If she didn't have the kitten right next to here she was either pacing nervously or hovering as closely as she could to see it. It was so sweet.... of course the kids are convinced we need to get Yvette a kitten now-- me, not so much!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1st Day of School: FIRST Grade!!!

Today was Savannah's first day of FIRST grade! It is absolutely crazy to me that my "baby" is in first grade eating lunch at the "big kids" tables & playing on the "big kids" playground.   Her teacher this year is Mrs. Bower and she is absolutely AMAZING-- Savannah has so been looking forward to being in her class. We are so thankful we ended up at such a wonderful school with a very strong sense of community involvement. I love that it is a small school-- there is only 1 class per grade-- which means she will be in class with the same 22 kids through 5th grade... so cool! She had a great first day & is very excited for the school year, as are Mitch & I. Although, the reality of how busy the year is going to be is really sinking in... new job, PTA Secretary, chairing the Red & White Affair (BIG fundraiser for the school) & leading Daisies--- yikes!!! If anyone has any extra hours in the day they would like to donate to me I am graciously accepting donations!

Savannah & Dylan

My BIG 1st grader

Savannah & some of her buddies

Savannah & Lily

Listening to morning announcements

Taking a tour-- moving out of the kindergarten playground & room is  a big step! 

A Day Out with Thomas

A few weeks ago we surprised the kids (really for Dylan's sake, but Peanut had a great time too!) with a trip to the Roaring Railway in Felton for Thomas's Day Out. Dylan ADORES Thomas and was so excited to actually get to meet Thomas and go for a ride. The event had a lot of fun activities & we all enjoyed watching Dylan's delight!
Taking the little shuttle train to see Thomas-- he has no idea at this point!

Savannah was very excited to figure out the surprise

Dylan immediately started identifying the trains as certain Thomas characters and began related everything he saw to one of his favorite Thomas movies

Getting EXCITED!!


Dylan & Savannah with Percy

We failed miserably at getting a family shot on the train-- it was SO bumpy. But you can see how happy Dylan was!

One more try...

Enjoying the ride

Beautiful Scenery!