Monday, July 30, 2012

Lawrence Welk 2012

We recently went down to Escondido and stayed at the Lawrence Welk Resort. This was our 4th year and we all had such a great time! We spent quite a few days at the pool and enjoyed a visit from Uncle Kevin, Auntie Karin, Coral & Kai AND another day with Gigi and Papa. We took the the Coaster ( a really fast train) to San Diego and went to a Padres game. Dylan LOVED being on that train-- he was so excited! We also spent a day at the beach this year. We haven't gone to the beach in the past  and I have no idea why-- the kids had so much fun and also have absolutely no fear of the ocean. It was  a great vacation and we are looking forward to next year. Thank you to Pommy & Papa for providing us with great place to create such special summer memories!!

Coral, Savannah, Kai & Dylan-- cousin LOVE!

Dylan and Kai

Savanah & Kai

Long days at the pool make for very tired kiddos!

On our way to the Padre game

Excited for the train

Dylan, Mommy & Savannah

It's coming!

Think he is excite?!

Dylan LOVES nachos!

Playing in the Beachers

Daddy & Savannah

Savannah & Mommy

Daddy & Mommy-- taken by Savannah


One of the many faces of Dylan...

So sweet!

Dylan & Papa

Savannah & Gigi

Dylan ready for the pool

Beach day in Oceanside

Dylan had a blast catching sandcrabs
Dylan was not quite tall enough to ride the water slide, but depending upon who the attendant was he was able to ride.  He was so excited-- he was been waiting 3 long years to get on that slide!
A nice view from our villa-- with a pretty cute little boy on the lake :-)

Summer Update!

We have had a busy summer so far-- it is hard to believe that school starts in a couple weeks. The kids have had fun doing a few camps & swim lessons. We took our annual trip to Lawrence Welk (post above) in July and Mitch & I are getting ready to head to Hawaii to celebrate our ten year anniversary  a bit early next week. Here are some pictures from the past few months of summer...

Dylan has REALLY taken to getting himself dressed. It is nice that he is able to do it all by himself, but his outfits are KILLING me!

Another great ensemble!

A day at Discovery Kingdom

See the butterfly on the right?

yuck! I can't stand opossums-- apparently my kids can!

A fun weekend cruising around town in a convertible

Dylan watching fireworks

4th of July funniness!

So sweet!

Dylan being....  Dylan!