Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The tooth fairy is COMING!!!

Just on the heels of her 6th birthday... Savannah finally lost her first tooth this morning. She is one of the last kids in her class to lose a tooth and has been patiently waiting-- needless to say she is elated :-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Savannah Leigh!!!

This last weekend we celebrated Savannah's 6th birthday-- I still can't believe she is 6!!! She had lots of special visitors here for the festivities... Gigi, Pommy, Papa AND Great-Grandma Poppy!!! She had quite the birthday extravaganza beginning Friday afternoon with a little birthday celebration at school-- all of her grandparents made it into town in time to come help her celebrate her birthday at school, which was extra special! Then Friday afternoon we went with Gig to get our toe nails done & shopping to pick out a birthday outfit --this has become a bit of a tradition the last few years and it is so fun :-) Friday night we went with the whole gang out for dinner-- Savannah requested fish & chips. Then Saturday afternoon was the main event-- a tie-dye themed party at Scientopia! The party was awesome-- Marcy and her staff did such an awesome job!!! I could not imagine doing tie-dye with 15+kids-- but they pulled it off without a hitch! Savannah had a very special birthday and is so blessed to have so many wonderful people in her life.


Reading her "Birthday Book" with Mrs. Floyd. Every child in her class writes a note and draws a picture explaining what they would give Savannah for her birthday-- lots of rainbows & swimming pools?!

Taking her new American Girl twins on a walk with Gigi

Birthday Breakfast

The tie-dye cupcakes I made-- YES I MADE THEM!!! I can hardly believe it myself!

Poppy & Savannah at the party

Pommy trying to wrangle in Dylan for a picture-- not an easy task, but at least he is smiling!

Getting ready to tie-dye!

Hailey & Dylan making t-shirts

Savannah's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Floyd came to the party-- so special!!! She is a WONDERFUL teacher!

Happy Birthday to you...

Poppy holding court with the 6 year olds-- totally in her element :-)

Papa & Dylan

Getting ready to Cha-Cha slide

Dylan & Savannah gettin' low!

Dance Party!!!

Savannah & Joey-- good buddies :-)

Savannah's tie-dye dress she made

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Swim Lessons

Dylan had his 1st swim lesson today. Savannah also did swim lessons with Tami when she was Dylan's age-- but man, what a different experience! Savannah NEVER had ANY fear of the water. As soon as she could walk, she would jump right in the deepest end of the pool and could care less about what would happen. Dylan is another story... Don't get me wrong he LOVES water, but on his own terms. And those terms typically involve him sitting on the step of the pool and not moving, so I knew today's lesson was going to be an experience. He was super excited and got right in the water and planted his little bottom right down on the step. There was one other little girl in his class (Annette). Tami looked at Dylan and said, "Okay Dylan, put your arms over this barbell and I am going to help you kick over to the other side of the pool". Dylan answered by hightailing it off the step and out of the pool. Tami successfully coaxed him rather quickly back into the pool by telling him Annette would go first. That was good enough for Dylan... at first. I think he soon realized that Annette's turn would be up soon and then it would be his turn. So he yelled across the pool, "Hey Tami, when Annette is done take her again. And then when she is done, take her again. And then when she is done take her again. I no need to have a turn, I will just sit here and play with Buzz & Woody!" We all laughed and by the end of the lesson, Dylan was swimming on the barbell all by himself!