Monday, March 30, 2009

Here Kitty-Kitty

Dylan ADORES our cats. Kitty was one of his first words, closely followed by CJ & Beau (our cats names). He takes any chance he can get to pet the cats & loves to cuddle with them too. CJ is so starved for attention, that he will take anything he can get--including slobbery kisses & hugs from Dylan... which often come with a few tugs on his tail and/or whiskers.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Visit to the ER...

We ended a very peaceful weekend with our first visit to the ER with one of the kids... Savannah. She fell in the back of the car & hit her head on a metal bracket of one of the seats that was up. It bled a lot and scared us all, but at the end of the day the doctor glued it back up with a little dermabond. Savannah was a trooper and took it all in stride... I think she really liked all the extra special attention from the nurses & doctor, not to mention Mommy & Daddy :) As you you can see she is doing just fine!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Taxi Rides

Yesterday Savannah was giving Dylan "taxi rides" around the backyard :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Dylan has the most infectious giggle-- I can't get enough of it! I thought I would share some of his sweet giggles with everyone...

The Fashionista

I know it is super important to let Savannah pick out her own clothes... but when she comes down stairs wearing outfits like this, do I really have to let her leave the house???

Baby No More...

I looked at Dylan the other day & realized he is looking less and less like a baby each day. Since he has been walking he has slimmed out a lot-- no more giant rolls on the legs :( He is also talking a ton-- he can say book, sissy (for Savannah), bottle, snack, kitty (and both cats names), daddy, mommy, papa, baby, ball and of course Elmo. He has been such a sweet little baby and is quickly turning into a sweet little boy. Here are two of my favorite pictures recently of him being a big boy!


We took Savannah bowling for the 1st time on Saturday night. Mitch was gone all week in New York and Savannah really missed Daddy... So we decided to take her with us on our date night for some special one-on-one time with Mommy & Daddy. Not how we would typically spend a night out, but Savannah had so much fun & of course we had fun with her.

Goofing off with Daddy

Ready to roll the 1st ball

She loved the bowling shoes

Ready, set, go!

Savannah's final score... not so bad! Notice the 4.8 mph :)

Monday, March 02, 2009

HSM on Ice

This weekend Savannah & her best buddy Joey got to go see High School Musical on Ice! These two love the HSM series and often pretend they are Troy and Gabriella... so you can only imagine their excitement in seeing the show live. They had a blast! 

Sleeping Beauty

Savannah LOVES pajamas. Especially nightgowns & most especially her High School Musical nightgown, that came with a matching sleep mask. The other night when I went to tuck her in I found her like this :)

Boys Will Be Boys...

Lately Dylan has taken the greatest delight in making the absolute biggest mess possible while eating...

So much so that we have just been tossing him in the sink for a quick bath...