Thursday, June 10, 2010

On to Kindergarten...

Today was Savannah's last day of preschool, which we celebrated with a class picnic at the park. It is hard to imagine my baby girl in kindergarten this August-- but is happening, so I better get used to it :) We finally heard this week that she will be attending Yountville Elementary School-- which we are thrilled about. Kindergarten enrollment was quite a roller coaster ride this year with all the budget cuts-- but thankfully there was a place for us through open enrollment at Yountville Elementary. It is a great little school with a wonderful sense of community & lots of family support. We are all looking forward starting our journey there at the end of the summer-- especially Miss Savannah! Here are some fun pictures of Savannah and her buddies from preschool celebrating their big "graduation"!

Savannah & I spent the morning together with a trip to Starbucks. 
 She got a hot chocolate & was so proud of the fact it came in "like a real coffee cup"

   Savannah & Gracie

So this is a picture of Savannah with her two 
best friends (Claire & Joey) at the beginning of the year...

And this was them today-- not a great picture I know. 
But it amazes me how much they changed during the school year. 
What is even more amazing is that all 3 of them have known
 each other and played together since they were babies! 
Claire & Savannah will be in the same 
kindergarten class in the fall too.

Savannah & Mrs. O'Bryan-- the BEST preschool teacher!

Savannah & Gracie pushing Brody & Cade

A special gift from Mrs. O'Bryan. They read this book together 
as a class all year & have a special song they learned to sing that goes along with it.

I even got a special gift-- a picture from the Mother's Day Tea

This book is a favorite of mine-- I had to share! 
Savannah has been working on this all year. It is neat to see the progression...

Self Portrait #1

Self Portrait #2

Self Portrait #3-- love that she says she likes
to be with her brother :)

Self Portrait #4-- her family :)

Self Portrait #5

Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you Peanut!!! We know you are going to do wonderfully in kindergarten and have so much fun with everything this new adventure entails. You are becoming such an amazing young lady & we are so thankful for you each and every minute! WE LOVE YOU!!