Thursday, May 11, 2006

CJ & Savannah

Savannah loves her two kitties, CJ & Beau. Her 1st word was kitty, which she pronounces "itty". Beau wants absolutely nothing to do with Savannah, but on most days CJ tolerates her. Here is a cute picture of Savannah giving CJ a hug!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Crazy Hair!

Savannah has developed this lovely habit of running her fingers through her hair while she is eating dinner-- as you can see, it makes for some interesting hair styles!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Savannah's New Playhouse

We got Savannah a playhouse for her 1st birthday. She saw it in the toy store & we had a hard time getting her out of it, so we decided it would be a great gift for her birthday. As you can see, she is having a lot of fun playing in it & even tried to help Daddy put it together. We gave it to her a day early & the next day when she saw us moving it to another location she started crying because she thought we were taking it away!

Playing with Grandpa Dell

Here is an adorable picture of Savannah & Grandpa Dell playing in her new playhouse on her birthday.

Savannah with Grandma Debi & Papa John

Savannah was so happy to have her Grandma Debi & Papa John there to help her celebrate her 1st birthday!

Savannah & Kira

May 7- This is Savannah's friend Kira. Savannah was so excited to see her at her birthday party, she went over & crawled in Kira's mom's lap so that she could as close as possible & say hi. Kandice met Kira's mom, Deanna, in pre-natal fitness class & Kira was born a month after Savannah. They now belong to the same playgroup.

Birthday Cake!

So maybe the green frosting wasn't the best idea??!

Happy 1st Birthday!!

May 7- Savannah celebrated her 1st birthday over the weekend. We had a nice party with lots of friends, family & of course cake!

Kickin' Back!

May 6- Here is a cute picture of Savannah relaxing in the cool chair that Grandma Debi & Papa John gave her for her 1st birthday. She just recently developed an interest in chairs & will try to sit in any chair that is her size, so this was a perfect gift!

Savannah's Hat

May 6- Gone are the days that Savannah will keep her pretty bows & cute hats on her head, with the exception of this UCLA hat which she loves to wear-- GO BRUINS!

Swimming with Grace

April 30- With the rain now behind us we have been spending a lot of time outside. We recently pulled out the inflatable pool & Savannah had a great time playing in it with our neighbor, Grace.

Watering the flowers

April 30- Savannah loves the water & everything about it! She really enjoys helping water all the flowers with her very own bumble bee watering can!

Savannah's 1st Boo Boo

April 23- Here is a picture of Savannah's 1st big ouchie-- she fell walking down the driveway & her nose took most of the impact. As you can see, it didn't seem to bother her too much!

Making Friends

April 22- We took the ferry into the city & on the way home Savannah made friends with a very nice little girl. Savannah saw her across the isle & immediately began transfering all of her toys out of her diaper bag & over to where her new friend was sitting so that they could play together!

Riding the Carousel

April 22- Here is a fun picture of Savannah & Daddy riding the carousel at Fisherman's Wharf.

Hooters Girls

April 22- We took Grandma Debi to San Francisco for the day & had lunch at Hooters. Savannah decided that she really liked the Hooters girls. She had a lot of fun pulling on their long pretty eye lashes & smearing their make-up all over their face!

Feeding the Baby

April 21- Savannah has become quite the little mommy. Grandma Debi recently came for a visit & showed Savannah how to feed her baby. She now has a bottle & some baby spoons that she uses to make sure her dolls are well fed!

Yum, yum!!

April 21- Savannah recently discovered a new favorite food-- cucumber!