Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten...

Today was a BIG morning-- Savannah had her first day of kindergarten! She was so excited & ready to go to kindergarten and I know she will do great. It was definitely  harder for me & I have been weepy all morning :) She is going to a wonderful little school and only has 22 kids in her class-- which is pretty remarkable in today's public school system. There is only 1 grade per class & a very active PTA-- which I have already been recruited to participate in... I am going to co-chair the non-wine donations for the big annual fundraiser. I am sure I will be hitting you all you up donations :) Here are some pictures from the morning...

She insisted on curly hair the 1st day of school

The Big Kindergartener!! 

Sissy & Dylan--he was so sad to see her go!

Savannah & Daddy

Savannah and Mommy

Listening to morning announcements

Lining up to go to class

Bye Mom & Dad!!

See Ya!

The Wiggles

We went go go see the Wiggles a few weeks ago. Both kids have actually seen them once before-- Dylan was just a new born though and obviously didn't participate much :) This time was a whole different story! The trip was planned mainly for him-- and he LOVED it!  But Savannah had a great time too. Of course Mitch & I enjoyed seeing the excitement in their eyes and the fun they had singing and dancing along!

Waiting for the show with their new souveniers

It's starting...



All the wiggly friends & Sam