Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Mitch and I just returned from 5 fabulous nights in Hawaii without our cute little kiddos! Our 10 year anniversary is in October, but we knew it would be hard to get away in then. So we escaped for a few nights and had an amazing trip! Thank you to Colleen & Hailey for taking the kids-- they had a blast! Mitch & I did a whole lot of nothing. We stayed at the Fairmont in right outside Kona-- which was beautiful! Aside from a little shopping we pretty much parked ourselves on the beach. We did go zip lining one day. It was so much fun. The company we went with (Kohala ZipLine) was great-- we would both highly recommend it! I actually got nailed in the eye pretty hard on the the very last line-- it resulted in a pretty nasty cut and a trip to the ER. They were able to glue me up and I have a slightly discolored/puffy eye to show for it. BUT the staff at the the zip line company was absolutely awesome and they handled everything  super professionally. Now back to the real world with school starting tomorrow...

the view from one side of our balcony

ready to go zip lining